Colorado Douglas County Commissioner

Invitations to participate in the Douglas County Commissioner online debate were given to all candidates, however, Victoria Reynolds was the only candidate willing to answer the questions.

  • How should reopening the economy be handled?
  • Is alternative sentencing for non violent offenders possible?
  • How should business regulations be changed ?
  • Is the 2nd Amendment still necessary to protect civil liberties?

Victoria Reynolds (Libertarian)
Participation Confirmed

Victoria is committed to excellence. She has deep roots in Douglas County and has long been dedicated to serving it. Victoria has worked in the private industry and has helped streamline processes and improved efficiency. ​

Reynolds became active in politics at the local and state level in 2016, first as a volunteer coordinator for Douglas County in the presidential election, then by holding various positions of leadership in the Libertarian Party of Colorado. She founded the Libertarian Denver affiliate, was Fundraising Director, and is the current Chairman of the Libertarian State Party. ​

Victoria has expressed that as County Commissioner her primary objectives are:

Ensure that our inherent rights, guaranteed in the Constitution are not trampled upon,

Reduce regulations that affect businesses, and individuals alike,

Look for ways to reduce spending and hence reduce or eliminate certain taxes,

Empowering and engaging the community by bringing back liberty to our county.

Victoria hopes to bring Douglas County her message of hope, teamwork, and commitment by always keeping an open-door policy and being available to her constituents.

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