2020 Colorado Congressional 6th District

This debate is for the Republican candidates that are running for Congress in the Colorado District 6 Primaries. The Republican candidates have been contacted and sent the following questions for the debate.

  • Democrats have discussed expanding the number of Supreme Court Justices if they take the House, knowing this, should Republicans do it first?
  • Do you support President Trump and would you ask him to campaign with you in Colorado?
  • Colorado is becoming a predominately blue state, what can be done to reverse this trend?
  • Do you agree with President Trump's approach to immigration?
  • Other than the issues already discussed, what is the most important issue facing Colorado and CD6?

Casper Stockham (Republican)
Participation Confirmed

I have lived in Colorado since 1989 and I have seen many changes in the state. Aurora is one of the most diverse cities in the nation, but our inner-city communities have not changed in the past 60-70 years.

I am running for Congress because I am tired of the lying, cheating, stealing and backroom deals that seem to always exclude the inner city and rural communities. I will listen to and serve all of CD6, not just the people who agree with or vote for me.

Folks, we can do much better and if I'm elected as the next congressman for CD6, I will show the community what honest servant leadership looks like. We must, we can, and we will do better! It’s a new day!


Ryan Gonzalez (Republican)
Participation Confirmed

Ryan is a Hispanic millennial running as a Republican that wants to deliver change on mental health and other issues that are of high importance for the country.

Gonzalez also wants to bring reforms through effective leadership, a strong work ethic, and understanding the needs of the people. It is his desire to work with others across the spectrum to deliver the change that is needed that can benefit Americans. Ryan's desire is to serve and represent the interests of the voters.

Steve House (Republican)
Participation Confirmed

After running for Colorado Governor as a Republican in 2014, Steve was elected State Chairman of the Colorado Republican Party in early 2015. Since his days as Chairman, Steve has worked tirelessly to promote bold solutions and Colorado values that can inspire a new generation of great elected officials. Throughout his life, he has led by bringing people from all walks of life together to solve complex problems with innovative solutions.

No matter the challenge, Steve’s pragmatic focus on local, municipal and regional issues that affect Coloradans will always prevail over Washington bureaucracy. Steve knows that Washington is only a destination to serve our cities, and will always think of Brighton, Colorado as his home.

John Szemler (Republican)
Participation Confirmed

John Szemler is a Process Improvement Consultant who implements Dynamics 365, a Microsoft Enterprise Planning and Management software product. He has a BA in Political Science from Loyola University of Chicago, and an MBA from the University of San Diego.

The Republican Party needs to shed its cowardice, quickly, and make room for ALL Americans who believe the prudent government is good governance. Help me refine and disseminate this message. Contact my committee, donate and volunteer. Colorado's 6th district can lead the way

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